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The responsibilities of politicians, technicians and citizens in fighting corruption.

It is the duty of all leading men, whatever their persuasion or party, to safeguard the dignity of India. That dignity can’t be saved if misgovernment and corruption flourish. Misgovernment and corruption always go together. I have it from very trustworthy sources that corruption is increasing in our country. Is everyone then going to think only of himself, and not at all of India? (Mahatma Gandhi, 12/12/1947)

Corruption often takes advantage of a context created by ambiguous legislation, and a

system of political and administrative selection which lacks the necessary checks and

balances to prevent it’s spreading. In this environment, episodes of criminally punishable

corruption within our political and administration structure often arise. Citizens are no

strangers to this, but we cannot leave responsibility of evading this sort of corruption

solely in the hands of the judicial system. It is also necessary to concentrate on the

recovery of the public environment, reshaping it’s physiology by highlighting on our past

experiences and best practices Distinction, reciprocity and controls: these are the pillars on which we can build amanagement structure in public affairs which maintains legality and transparency, andorients society towards the common good.

Distinction. The division of labor between politics and administration is the foundation for

an impartial public administration. Without this division, the universal value of impartial

citizenship impossible. The politics becomes the dominance of a small number of vested

interest groups and administration becomes bureaucratic self-reference.

Reciprocity. The distinction of roles and functions alone it not enough. Distinction

manifests its necessity only as a function of the relationship between two subjects when

preserving healthy competition through reciprocity. In a mutually beneficial relationship,

politics generates a good administration, and the administration generates a functioning

political framework with the necessary tools to protect itself.

Controls. The reciprocal relationship described above functions only when the population

effectively sets controls within the system, and a free Press rediscovers its ;watchdog

vocation towards public authorities.



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